Character Creation

Hello, welcome everyone to character creation of the 2e AD&D Ravenloft campaign. Here you will find all the rules and do and don'ts for creating a character.

 When rolling a character, you begin with roll 3d6 for each of your ability scores: Strength, Dexterity, Construction, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. 

 After rolling stats, you determine if you have the "Required Points" or higher. This is the set of points each player must have to at some extent balance the game. This total should be added up to forty eight (48) points in attributes (Eight points average.). If you do not have that many points distributed totally in your attributes, you may spend one point per increase in order to equal forty eight points total.

 After determining that, you must now determine to purchase attribute increases. This can only be done to equal the minimum of the attribute point required to be a certain class or race. You must drop two points from an attribute to increase another attribute by one.

Example: Caleb rolls fifteen strength, and eight dexterity. He wants to be a rogue which requires nine dexterity. In order to increase his dexterity he must drop two strength (Or any other attribute not mentioned in this example) and make his strength a thirteen to increase his dexterity to the nine minimum, making him a rogue.

After these factors are decided, and character races and classes are determined, next, the HP is rolled. You roll your hit-dice and add in any modifiers to determine the amount of hit-points you have at level one. The minimum hit-points you may have at level one is one. 

After these factors are determined, roll for gold pieces in the equipment section and purchase equipment (Note: The DM may opt out of this area if he/she feels this is too slow.)

 After that is determined, your character is complete. Congrats.


Character Creation

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