Mayor Praitor III

Mayor Ordained by the Church of Sidnar


The ancient looking man stands at a plump 5’9. He bends over, and carries a cane as he sets himself as a man of wisdom and status. His clothes distinguish himself of importance, especially compared to the ragged showing his fellow villagers wear. He gives off a pungent smell of incense, and always has a distinct scowl upon his face.


The lord-mayor of Sidnar, Mayor Praitor III acquired the title from his father, who acquired it from his father before him. Living long, he has seen much, but never the blood that set his family upon the grounds and title: after the passing of his father, Praitor III become holy, and established himself as a cloister with the priest of Sidnar. Close friends to _____, he established close ties to the church, creating the Lances of Ezra who began a series of witch-hunts.
Sidnar is now a holy theocracy police state, with Mayor Praitor III a mere puppet to the holy church of Ezra.

Mayor Praitor III

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