Augustine Caesar

High Priest of Ezra


An older gentlemen, Augustine stands tall and proud without a single walking aid despite his age. Always a smug smile upon his face, he speaks with a slink voice that slow accelerates and raises as he speaks of his god. His rope are rich and lavish, pure white and clean with many gems stamped upon them. These are the most exquisite and expensive looking clothes in the entire village.


Born of two peasants, Augustine became an orphan once his parents disappeared in the mist. Since then, he has advanced within the popular church of Ezra, eventually making his way as arch-priest of the village. Using his connections to the mayor, Augustine was able to create a theocracy within Sidnar. Shortly after the ascended, he pushed for the witch hunts, and began to remove minorities, specifically adventurers, from the village and killing them by throwing them into the well in town.

Augustine Caesar

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